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A large majority of nail salons are offering dip powder service. This nail method is definitely worth a try. Today we’re helping you to have an overview of dip nails, and most importantly, know about some good dip powder brands so that you can get a better manicure experience. It’s never too early to give your nails the love, care and attention they deserve!

What Is A Dip Powder Manicure?

Dip powder manicure is somewhere between a regular manicure and a fake acrylic nail. Dip manicures use a combination of colorful, fine-grain powder, adhesives, topcoats, and buffing to achieve a sturdy, acrylic-like finish. It looks like magical dust that transforms into an even coat of paint. The results are incredibly durable, natural-looking.

What Is The Process Of Dipping Powder?

Nails are filed, shaped and cleaned. The nail plate is brushed over with a bond polish to make sure the color sticks and followed with a base coat. Then, one fingernail is dipped into a jar of highly pigmented powder in your chosen color. The process is repeated a couple of times depending on the color and product to achieve your desired look. Then, the rough, powdery layers are transformed into a smooth, glossy finish once a sealant is applied. The best part: Unlike the classic gel manicure, dip nails dry in seconds — no UV lamp or dryer required.

Why Are Dip Manicures Chosen By Many Customers?

  • No need to worry about the possibility of skin damage from UV lamps.
  • Last longer than gel nail polish (up to three weeks).
  • Doesn’t use acrylic nail glue which can include questionable chemicals.
  • Thinner layers, which avoid your chance of damaging your nail beds or getting an infection.
  • Save time spent in a nail salon due to the quick application time and fast drying time.
  • Endless amount of nail colors and textures to choose from.
  • Less messy.
  • You can certainly paint over your dip powder nails (but don’t do this regularly).

Which Dip Powder Nail Brands Are Loved Most?

The experts recommend only using nail dip powder products from reputable brands. Cheaper brands can contain harmful substances that are unhealthy for your body and natural nails. Read on to discover what dip nail products are used the most in popular nail salons.

AZURE BEAUTY Dip Powder Professional Nails

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Azure Beauty brand is one of the best choices for a non-toxic manicure. This dip powder set comes with 10 easy-to-apply nail colors for a long-lasting glossy manicure. What can you expect:
  • No harsh chemicals or scent.
  • Long-lasting and chip-resistant.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Finely milled and true to color.
  • Wide bottleneck.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Reasonably priced.

NICOLE DIARY Dipping Powder Starter Kit Acrylic Dip System

Bliss Nail Spa | Nail Salon 86305

This set comes with 5 bottles dipping nail powder system liquid, and 5 boxes nude red grey glitter acrylic dip nail powder. If you're an acrylic-wearer, it's worth reiterating that you may want to give your nails a break and try dip powders instead.
What can you expect:
  • Whether you're looking for a classic red, toned-down neutral, or glitter nails, this set has the shade for you.
  • More durable than acrylic, the dip powder system is resistant to chipping and cracking, breathable, water-resistant with no damage to the nail beds.
  • Formulated with lightweight powder, containing Vitamin E and Calcium to help nails grow stronger and healthier.
  • Inexpensive and very easy to use.

MODELONES Leafu Color Dipping Powder Refill Set

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Modelos specialize in beauty nail kits. This set includes 6-color dipping powder only for you to refill your nails, which saves your money from heading back to a local salon for refills.
What can you expect:
  • Cost-friendly option.
  • Odor-free, resistant to chipping and cracking, breathable, water-resistant with no harm to the nails beds.
  • Healthy, natural formula.
  • Amazing effect: Much shinier, much thinner, more vibrant, and beautiful colors.
  • Keep the nail art gorgeous and glossy for over two weeks.

LATORICE Dipping Powder Nail Art 5 Colors Collection

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Licorice provides nail lovers with all-natural products that not only keep the health of your nails in tip-top shape, they also lengthen the look of your nails over time. If shine-blinding nails are your vibe, you'll appreciate this gel powder, which was made for long-lasting shiny wear with a lightweight texture.
What can you expect:
  • Formula filled with vitamin E and calcium so they don't damage the nail bed.
  • Longer lasting shine wear.
  • Ideal for both professional salons and beginners.

O.P.I Powder Perfection Dipping System Color Powder

Bliss Nail Spa | Nail Salon 86305

This powder collection is the ideal choice for clients who desire strength, durability and long-lasting color. O.P.I Color Powder promotes a clean-air environment while offering gel-like shine and weeks of wear without the need to light cure. This system is safer when compared to traditional acrylics and gel polish since it does not contain harsh chemicals called methacrylates.
What can you expect:
  • Odor-free.
  • Quick applying.
  • Dries almost instantly.
  • Provides smooth, even coverage and a flawless finish.
  • Affordable price.
  • Endless color options.

SAVILAND Dipping Powder Excelsior Nail Art Glow In The Dark

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This package includes 10 jars of glow in the dark dip powder nail color. It only takes several steps to complete your nail design and save your time. Also, your nails can glow in the dark after applying dip powder. The more light absorbed, the brighter nails glow in the dark. Saviland users can experience infinite possibilities to make miraculous nail design.
What can you expect:
  • Made of natural formula with non-toxic, odor-free and no harm to the nails beds.
  • Suitable to be applied on UV gel nails, acrylic nails, natural nails, etc.
  • Perfect for beginners in nail art design.

One more concern: It is not a safe, hygienic way to expose everyone’s skin to the same powder tubs. Dipping powder is a manicure preference which has become famous in beauty salons and is now available to all homebodies with at-home kits and products. You can go buy yourself a single color container and a manicure kit to use after knowing what are the best nail dip powder brands.

What Should You Know Before Getting Dipping Nails?

Looking carefully for a top-notch salon that offers dip powder nail services. Not only the skills of nail technicians but also the quality of beauty products should be considered. Just make sure you're checking to package and asking your manicurist which brand they're using.
Trying to remove your dip powder nails at home can be damaging if not done correctly, so it’s best to reach out to a nail stylist who is familiar with the product and the technique. Make sure to give your nails some downtime in between to prevent them from breaking or becoming brittle.
Being in the COVID-19 pandemic has made the sterilizing conditions become a factor that cannot be ignored. Do your research and step in a top-rated nail salon providing a safe and clean environment.

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